Long Term Care Sector Overview

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Long Term Care Overview

The Long Term Care Industry is facing a real challenge that was only accelerated through COVID-19. There is an urgent need for more facilities, space and resources as the Canadian population continues to age and grow. In addition there is also a need for a new way to which these facilities get designed, built and delivered. The current plan and process is not working. Today there is a renewed focus on sustainability and decreasing the complexity and disruption for site construction in urbanized locations.

Our team at Stack is able to deliver a new way to approach Long Term Care construction. With the ability to take an idea from design to delivery, outside of the traditional site model, we can deliver rapid solutions with quality at scale. Our process creates an approach to help society meet new healthcare risks and realities.

Proven Experience and Scale Delivered Sustainably

We have the team, experience, manufacturing capabilities and scale to deliver rapid long term care solutions across Canada. Through modular construction we deliver sustainable solutions for a sector that needs quality, speed and quantity. We are built to be a long term care partner.


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the challenge

Urgent Need for Long Term Care

The time is now and the urgency is real. Throughout the pandemic the 2039 Long Term Care Facilities accounted for about 80% of all COVID-19 related deaths. The pandemic highlighted the importance of adding more capacity for an already growing need.



There is an urgent need for more capacity. Our model allows for the rapid deployment of quality modules that are turn-key and ready to relieve the challenge.



We believe in sustainable construction methods. With our modular approach we build in a controlled environment eliminating waste and reducing the impact on our environment.



We simplify construction. With 
our one-team approach we provide a design assist model to take care of every detail and deliver a building ready to support.



We reduce the activity and impact on the site by building everything in a safe environment. This reduces the schedule, risk and challenges from disruption.

Solving a Challenge

We are strategically and purposefully built to help solve the challenge faced by the industry. We were made for this.

The Solution

Rapid Quality at Scale

Our Design Assist and modular delivery model allows our team to deliver sustainable solutions quickly and at scale across Canada. We act as a true building partner with the ability to take a concept from an idea to final install with one team. We transform an idea and vision into reality. Our modular manufacturing process simplifies. Construction and reduces risk,schedule and complexity. We take care of every detail as a partner because we know what is at stake. We commence each project with planning at the core of every detail so nothing is missed. We deliver our innovative steel modules with everything necessary for a turn-key long term care facility.

how we work

Our Process

We make construction simple. We provide an end-to-end solution for long term care building delivery. We work with our partners to define the vision for a building and in turn develop an integrated model to design, build, manufacturer, ship and install.

Our Approach to Long Term Care

We listen and learn each organization’s unique needs in order to design a solution for long term impact. Once we understand the end result, we build everything to make it a reality.

Our Approach to Integrated Construction

We build with transparency and communication by owning the outcome. We are one team focused on delivering one result. We build through a turn-key model where all stakeholders are aligned and build in collaboration.

A True Building Partner


Our Team

We build as one team accountable for the delivery of a solution that drives impact. With over 100+ years of experience, 5,000+ employees and 750,000 sqft of manufacturing space we have the scale and specialization to deliver. Our partnerships and relationships position us to build rapid solutions unmatched in the industry.


Our Process

We start from an idea and build a solution that achieves results. Our Design Assist and Turn-Key manufacturing process ensures accountability from the beginning to end. We use technology such as Revit, BIM360 and HoloBuilder to provide visibility on each step of the process and leverage our process to deliver.


Our Commitment

We know what is at stake. Our team is committed to delivering construction solutions that help solve the pressure and impact on our Long Term Care system. Our brand promise can be counted on to deliver. We were built for this.

the value of modular

The Stack Advantage


supply chain


rigid quality

decreased site



The Stack Advantage

Our team and process is established to deliver rapid construction solutions at scale. With over 750,000 sqft of manufacturing capacity, 5,000+ employees and over 100 years of traditional construction experience and 13 years of modular history, we are built to deliver.

Our technology, team and process is counted on to deliver complex and critical projects all across the world. The Stack Advantage is the unique collaboration of the traditional and modular construction methods, backed by experience, technology and scale.

Through the material we use, the team we employ and the process we have defined Stack Modular is the construction partner needed to deliver rapid quality at scale.

Our Projects

40+ Senior Care Facilities Delivered

Quality in Every Detail

Our construction process allows for our team to focus on the details that matter most. With the flexibility that this process provides, our team can essure that the product that is being produced is up to the highest of standards before it reaches the job site.

Solutions at Scale

Our modular process allows us to come up with solutions that matter, not only for the purchaser but for the future. Here at Stack Modular we are continually searching for solutions to further enhance our product and deliver across the globe.

We are built to help solve the challenges faced in the Long Term Care Sector. As an organization we have created our infrastructure and expertise to simplify construction and be solutions focused for our partners.

As an organization we have the ability to start from an idea and transform a concept into a built reality. We love to partner at the beginning and bring our experience and expertise to work for our partners. If there are projects that need to be built and challenges that need to be solved we would love to begin a conversation and see where we can bring the Stack Advantage to work. We are personable and professional and ready to get to work on our next project. Please feel free to reach out to start the conversation.

Stack Business Development Team
Phone: 1.800.819.3190

the right team

Our Trusted Partners

We have the right team and resources to deliver innovative long term care solutions across Canada. We partner with industry leaders to deliver buildings with impact. One Team, One Build, True Accountability.

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